50 Best Nursery Rhymes

A bunch of children standing in front of a building, with a boy on a tricycle

From being hushed to sleep, to playground activities in kindergarten, nursery rhymes are something we all grew up with. Whether we grew up learning the original version, a translation, or a version parents made up for us, their impact on us is undeniable.  Below we have compiled a list of 50 classics that are sure … Read more

50 Songs About War

A bunch of soldiers sitting on tanks

Conflict and the need for power are inherently human nature – some say this is why we go to war. Other theories suggest it’s the evolutionary need for more resources. Either way, war has been an integral, if devastating, part of human history, and since it’s part of history, it’s part of culture and music.  … Read more

30 Taylor Swift Lyrics About Friendship 

A crowd attending a concert while confetti rains down on them

Taylor Swift is a very versatile musician, as she has songs on many different types of experiences and situations that a lot of people can relate to. One of the most common themes she discusses in her songs, after our love and heartbreak, is friendship and for this reason, I have put together a list … Read more

50 Best Taylor Swift Song Lyrics 

Taylor Swift’s album Reputation lying on the table

No matter what genre of music anyone listens to, they cannot deny that there is at least one Taylor Swift song that they know the words to, that’s just her impact. To honor the “mother” of many, I have decided to put together a list of the 50 best Taylor Swift song lyrics because everyone … Read more

50 Best Country Song Lyrics 

A photograph of a page with music notes on it

Country music is one of the most widely listened-to genres in the music world and that is because of the heart-touching lyrics you can find in all the country songs. For this reason, I have put together a list of 50 best country songs with lyrics so that you can appreciate the amazing penwork of … Read more

50 Holy Spirit Songs

A cross photographed on top of a church

Music can touch the deepest parts of our souls and make us feel many emotions such as invoking a sense of pride for our faith or feeling grateful to the divine. I selected a list of 50 Holy Spirit songs for all religious people who rely on music when it comes to connecting with their … Read more

50 Best Country Karaoke Songs

A microphone with the background of a blurred crowd

There is nothing more fun than a night out at a Karaoke bar and singing your heart out – whether you’re with friends or strangers, karaoke is something that will bring everyone together. Country music itself is usually upbeat with an easy-to-follow rhythm and infectious energy, making it the perfect genre for this activity.  Below … Read more

50 NBA Youngboy Hits of All Time

Man holding a microphone in low light

Youngboy NBA, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, is a famous American rapper who is loved by many for the raw emotions that he portrays in his music. To shine a light on some of these amazing songs, I decided to create a list of 50 NBA Youngboy hits so that people can discover … Read more

50 of the Most Embarrassing Walk-Up Songs

Players and fans on a baseball field

Walk-up (or walk-out) songs have the potential to get the crowd excited as any athlete walks up to the stage, ring, or batting position. That’s right, a special shout out to all my baseball fans out there. However, not every walk-up song gets the crowd going. Some song selections are less than ideal for athletes … Read more

50 Best Songs About Baseball

A man holding two baseballs in a field

From the Great Depression in the ‘30s, past the ‘90s, and into 2023 as we speak, baseball has brought people together through the darkest of times. The national games of the United States of America and the country’s favorite pastime, it is unequivocally associated with team spirit, vigor, and community. Music is an important part … Read more

50 Best Future Songs

Microphone photographed in blue low light

It is without a doubt that Future is one of the most influential and famous rappers of our time and his many accolades prove that. In honor of this legendary rapper, we have created a list of 50 best Future songs so that everyone can listen to these amazing hits and we can all fangirl … Read more

50 Best Taylor Swift Love Songs

A black and white image of a CD with the image of a woman on it

Singer, songwriter, actress, director – what can this woman not do? One of the most influential women of our time, Taylor Swift has been making history since her debut in 2006 and has won countless awards for her ingenious songwriting. Her love songs in particular are so diverse, meaning you have a song for every … Read more

50 Best Songs About Birds

A flock of birds flying in the sky

Birds have been an important part of human history for ages. They serve as inspiration for art and metaphors for poetry. Whether you see their wings as a symbol of beauty or their flight as a symbol of freedom, their influence on music is undeniable. From the Beatles to Eminem, various artists have made birds … Read more

60 Songs About Winning

Man standing with his back to the camera with his hands in the air

Winning and succeeding in life is a common theme for everybody, it is a universal experience. This is why so many artists like to sing about it, because everyone can relate to such songs and this is why we have put together a list of 60 songs about winning and we hope you like our … Read more

60 Best Line Dance Songs

A group of people line dancing at a wedding

I think I can speak for many people when I say that the most fun activity in a crowd or a gathering is line dancing. For this reason, we have decided to put together a list of 60 best-line dance songs that you can play when you are at any event and people are bored … Read more

50 Popular Mexican Songs 

Mexican flag waving in the air

Mexico has one of the richest cultures among others in the world whether it is their food, clothes, dances, traditions, or music. To bring light to the amazing music culture of Mexico, we have put together a list of the 50 most popular Mexican songs that everyone must listen to. In this list, you will … Read more

50 Best Morgan Wallen Songs

Man performing on stage holding up four fingers

Morgan Wallen is one of the most iconic country music singers to date and his success started when he was on The Voice in 2014. We have put together a list of the 50 best Morgan Wallen songs so that people can appreciate good music with us and not sideline it.   If you read an … Read more

50 Best Songs About Money

A hand holding some 100 US Dollar banknotes

Many people will argue that money cannot buy you happiness but they fail to appreciate the luxury and content money brings. Musicians over the decade have talked about this through their words and so, in our list of 50 best songs about money, you will find the views and opinions of talented musicians on money. … Read more

60 Best Songs About Daughters

A little girl riding on a man’s shoulders

Daughters are said to be the biggest blessings in parents’ lives. They are a reflection of their mothers, and a reason for fathers to become more gentle. These songs reflect all stages in a daughter’s life, from growing up to getting married, from their first heartbreak to learning how to identify themselves.  Below we have … Read more

100 Sad Rap Songs of All Time

Musician performing live on stage with lights shining on him

Hip-hop has got to be one of the most listened-to genres of all time but what hits even harder are the sad rap songs. This is why we have curated a list of 100 sad rap songs that will resonate with you and make you ten times sadder.  In this article, we have heartbreaking tracks … Read more

50 Best Songs About The Weather

A bunch of multi-colored umbrellas hanging in the air

The weather and the natural world play an integral role in our lives. They influence our work, our activities, and subsequently our mood. From huddling up with a cup of coffee on rainy evenings to soaking in the winter sun on the balcony, the weather dictates our habits and habits inspire songs.  From memoirs of … Read more

50 Best Songs About California

Silhouette of trees near the ocean during a sunset

It is hard to capture the true essence of California into words but some artists have done a marvelous job at it over the years. We have compiled a list of 50 best songs about California so that you can celebrate this beautiful state with us.   California is popular for many things, from its iconic … Read more

50 Best Songs About Sons of All Time

A man holding a little boy’s hand while walking by the fence

Nothing in this world is more precious than the bond between a parent and their child. For some people, their kids are their whole life and they like to express this love as well. For this reason, I have curated a list of the 50 best songs about sons so you can share these lovely … Read more

50 Best Songs About Long Distance Relationships

A person holding up the phone and video calling someone 

Whether it’s because you work in different cities, live in different countries, or more recently, are apart due to the pandemic, long-distance relationships can be difficult and quite frankly, exhausting. But all these challenges pale in comparison to the thought of getting to love that special someone.  Below we have compiled a list of 50 … Read more

50 Best Songs About Cats

A cat sleeping under the blanket

Cat people always look for ways to appreciate their little furry friends, even if those creatures do not return the sentiments. For this reason, I put together a list of the 50 best songs about cats to which you can post your beautiful little pets and have everyone in awe.  The selected songs in this … Read more

60 Best Songs About Flowers of All Time

Low-angle photo of a cherry blossom tree

Red Roses for a declaration of love, daisies for innocence, and sunflowers for happiness – pop culture references flowers, whether it be novels, books, or music. They’re the perfect way of saying what you mean, well, without saying it. They’ve also been an inspiration for musicians and lyricists in every culture.  Below we have compiled … Read more

120 Best Dance Songs of All Time

Silhouette of people dancing

Dancing is a marvelous activity, and people who love to listen to dance music are always in search of new songs that will quench their thirst. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of 120 best dance songs of all time that will surely add new songs to your radar. You will … Read more

The 50 Best Mariachi Songs

People dancing in traditional Mexican attire

There might be several genres of music that have come out over the years, but there’s just something special about mariachi songs. Not only are mariachi songs extremely important to individuals of Spanish heritage, but even as just regular songs they have such a positive energy that always makes me want to dance. To help … Read more

120 Best Country Songs of All Time

A man playing a guitar in a field during a sunset

Among all the music genres, everybody can agree that country music is the one that takes the win for having the highest emotional relatability element. To prove this, I compiled a list of 120 best country songs, that are still loved by many to this day, and can surely make you agree with the earlier … Read more

60 Best Songs About Lying 

grayscale photo of a woman doing a silent hand sign

Lying, cheating, and deception are among the more common themes found in music. Anyone who’s either lied or been lied to knows that neither is the best feeling to experience. We turn to music to help us express emotions we can’t otherwise put into words and these songs about lying will definitely do the job.  … Read more

Best 100 Funny Karaoke Songs

The lit up sign of an indoor Karaoke

Few joys in life are able to match up to the experience of just singing your heart out at a karaoke with your friends and loved ones. However, to amplify the experience exponentially, the best thing anyone can do is to put on a good song that tickles your funny bone. Well, I’m here to … Read more

50 Best Songs About The Ocean

A birdseye view of waves crashing into each other 

The ocean has inspired art and poetry for ages. It is a metaphor for distance, depth, and loneliness but also reminds us to relax and go with the flow. This may be why so many songwriters take to it as their inspiration and use it as a metaphor throughout their melodies.  I have compiled for … Read more

120 Best Rap Songs Of All Time

A crowd of people at a concert

The hip-hop world is filled with artists who are always setting new limits and breaking stereotypes with their music. In this article, we will see the 120 best rap songs of all time that have stood the test of time and continue to do so fiercely. The songs you find on this list may even … Read more

50 Songs That Start With Q

A pile of cardboard cut in the form of the letter Q and stacked on each other

Almost every alphabet has some high-quality songs that have names starting with it. However, there are some alphabets that are seemingly neglected. A prime example of an alphabet like that is the letter Q. Well, I searched far and wide and, well, wouldn’t you know it. There are actually a bunch of songs that start … Read more

30 Best Luke Combs Songs

A guy holding a guitar in a field

Very few country music artists have the type of impact where people listen to their songs years later and still know all the lyrics. Luke Combs falls in that category and in this article, you will see 30 of his best songs, which will help you understand the hype around the North Carolina singer.  Luke … Read more

100 Best Hip-Hop Albums of All Time

Record players in a neat rack at a music shop 

Hip-hop culture has birthed many talented rappers, some of whom rhyme words without a second thought, and some spit lines as smoothly as butter on bread. In this article, You will see a list of the 100 best hip-hop albums of all time and why they are known as the best. Rap music by far … Read more

50 Best English Songs of All Time

Silhouette of a man singing with a guitar in hand

English is the most spoken language in the world, so it’s only natural that there would be tons of songs in this specific language. However, have you ever wondered what the absolute best songs to be made in the English language were? Because I have. To finally answer the question of what the best English … Read more

120 Best Rappers of All Time

Man performing on a stage in front of a crowd

Rap is a genre of music that has recently taken over the entire music industry. However, have you ever stopped to wonder who the absolute best rappers of all time were? Well, I sat down and thought about this question really hard to bring you the most definitive answer possible. After taking several factors into … Read more

50 Best 4th of July Songs

Alt Text: 4th of July-themed balloons in the sky  

4th of July is one of the most celebrated days for Americans, with fireworks, celebrations, and patriotism being the day’s main themes. And what better way to celebrate your country’s independence than by putting the best 4th of July songs on a blast! We have curated a list of the 50 best 4th of July … Read more

50 Best East Coast Rappers of All Time

The silhouette of a man with a mic

The East Coast of the United States of America has often been called a laboratory of rap. Why? Well, because it has churned out talent after talent in the rap scene, and it seems as though it has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. From well-known rappers like 50 Cent to some niche yet extremely … Read more

10 Best Middle Eastern Canadian Rappers

A musician performing on stage with their face covered

Canada is home to many people ranging from different ethnic backgrounds, including Middle Easterners. These people have grown to create music that incorporates the cultures of both the Middle East and Canada. When you will go through our list of 10 Best Middle Eastern Canadian rappers, you will notice the versatility in their work. The … Read more

50 Best Texas Rappers of All Time

A musician facing a cheering crowd

While the Bronx borough of New York City takes the credit for originating hip-hop, Southern rap is known to have influenced it heavily over the years. Texas has given rise to some of the most talented and influential rappers. With cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin at its center, Texas has changed the hip-hop game. … Read more

30 Best Detroit Rappers of All Time

A musician crowd surfing while performing

Detroit, a city in Michigan, is known for housing people of different ethnic backgrounds. Perhaps that is why it has produced many famous musicians over time who make sure to incorporate the culture of Detroit into their music.  A prime example of this is the talented and influential rappers we have listed in this article … Read more

100 Best Love Song Lyrics of All Time

A bag of roses and a black guitar side-by-side

You must have heard many love songs over the years, bad and good, but which would you say have the best love song lyrics? How many love song lyrics have you heard that tugged at your heartstrings and made you feel butterflies in your stomach? Well, we’re here with a list of the 100 best … Read more

50 Best Memphis Rappers of All Time

A guy Carrying a Hip Hop Style Audio Player

The music scene has no geographical boundaries. Regardless of where you were born or where you grew up, as long as you have the passion, you can make it big in the music world. To prove this, today we want to go through the 50 best Memphis rappers of all time. All of these rappers … Read more

30 Best Jewish Rappers of All Time

A bag of roses and a black guitar side-by-side

The world of music is diverse and free from discrimination. This is why there are many brilliant artists from different backgrounds in the whole industry. Jewish rappers are one of them and in this article, we will be exploring a list of 30 best Jewish rappers of all time. Jewish rappers are known for making … Read more

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